Receptionist - Admin - FCS - Xi'an

Job Req ID:  36468
Date:  18 May 2024
Country/Region:  CN
City:  Xi'an

Job Profile Summary

A career in Infrastructure and Property, within Internal Firm Services, will provide you with the opportunity to be a part of developing and managing the PwC operational infrastructure that allows us to support our people and our clients. We focus on all aspects of internal infrastructure services from real estate site selection, facilities management, and physical security to managing relationships with Firm travel partners and event planning. Our Office Services team is responsible for managing the well being of our office environment as well as responding to office requests from PwC partners and staff to help keep the office running smoothly.

Job Description

3. 和物业、供应商等日常沟通
4. 会议活动支持和宾客接待
5. 与总部行政部门的联系

1. 大专或本科毕业,一年以上工作经验
2 积极向上的精神面貌,好学能吃苦,有良好的沟通能力,较强的服务意识,为客户解决问题的能力
3. 了解计算机基本硬件和操作系统的相关知识,熟悉运用Microsoft Office 软件
4. 掌握基本的英文听说读写,英文熟练者优先考虑